Technical Information


DAWSON-WAM stock hundreds of heavy-duty steel access mats. The mats are 6.5 metres long by 2.5 metres wide and 0.3 metres deep, and weigh 5.5 tonnes each. They are capable of withstanding the heaviest loads on any surface and can carry construction traffic such as rubber tyred or tracked excavators, cranes and piling rigs. These mats enable the loads to be distributed over a much larger area.

Steel Mat Dimensions

Each mat is made from eight 6.5m long 305 x 305 x 97 S355 UCs, fully welded along each flange and enclosed with 10mm plate.

Steel Mat Dimensions

Internal Lifting PointsInternal Lifting Points

All DAWSON-WAM Steel Mats now have internal lifting points to allow safe and more convenient lifting. These consist of 40mm bar and 15mm plate. Mats can now be easily placed side by side and no special lifting equipment is required.


Mat Capacity under Point Load or Tracks

Analysis based on load placed centrally and over a web. Individual analysis required if loads placed on or near a lift point.


Mat Capacity Under point load graph


Mat Capacity when used as a Bridge / Span


Mat Capacity when used as a Bridge


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